Steph Smith

Podcast Host, Andreessen Horowitz

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Steph is a growth marketer, indie creator, and data fanatic.

She started her career in tech at Toptal, leading their 20-person publications team, reaching millions of readers. Following that, she went on to lead Trends at The Hustle, which was acquired by HubSpot. There, Steph spearheaded HubSpot Creators, which included their growing Podcast Network. Now, she hosts the a16z Podcast at Andreessen Horowitz!

In her spare time, she loves tinkering with new projects. As a self-taught developer, she's topped Product Hunt a few times, and her book (Doing Content Right) and latest project (Internet Pipes) have both sold six figures. Her blog has been read by over a million people, where she occasionally muses about remote work, productivity, and tech. Plus, she has a podcast with her husband: The Sh*t You Don't Learn in School!

PS: She loves spreadsheets so much she once wrote a "love letter" to Excel. :)

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