Lloyd George

Manager of Influencer Marketing, Cre8tor Hub

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Hi - I'm Lloyd, a Zimbabwean American content creator, and freelance project manager with a passion for empowering Creators of Color. By day, I manage creative projects for brands like GoPuff, DraftKings, and Chic-Fil-A.

By night, I focus on crafting content that amplifies diverse voices. I've created content for global brands such as Spotify, Riverside.FM, Acast, Creative Juice, and LinkedIn. My passion for the creator economy shines through in all my work.

Within the last 90 days, over 3,000 people have completed my podcast course in partnership with LinkedIn. I've also built a thriving community of over 15,000 creatives across all social platforms. As a sought-after podcast consultant, I leverage my expertise to help brands harness the power of podcasting to reach their goals.

As my career progresses, I look forward to new opportunities in consulting, brand collaborations, and work as on-air talent.

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