Jeff Vidler

President & Founder, Signal Hill Insights

Jeff's talk broadcasts 25 April 2024, 04:30 PM

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Jeff’s career has kept him at the forefront of the changing audio landscape. Building on his in-the-trenches success, first as a radio station manager then program director, Jeff has spent the past 25+ years in research, sharing his passion for audio with North America’s major broadcast companies. Since 2016, he’s been doing the same with podcast publishers, brands and agencies. Jeff leads the research team at Signal Hill Insights, developing custom research solutions for audio including brand lift studies research on branded podcasts, studies that marry census level digital data with survey research and exploratory studies such as focus groups and in-depth-interviews. Jeff has also served as the Senior Study Director for The Canadian Podcast Listener Study now in its 8th year and Radio on the Move, now in its 14th year. He is regular speaker at podcast, radio and research conferences in Canada, the US and the UK.  Three other things that Jeff loves: mutually beneficial partnerships; collaborating on innovative research; and fantasy baseball.

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25 April 2024, 04:30 PM
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